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Instagram post by @cheechmarinofficial Cheech Marin

Me and Margaret Garcia signing "Papel Chicano Dos" books at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Don't forget to order your copy on amazon #linkinbio👉💻 #papelchicanodos


  • 69w ago capistranojudas capistranojudas


  • 69w ago spifyskin94 spifyskin94

    Is old posters alowed to ??

  • 69w ago midwestvapenation710 midwestvapenation710

    I'd love to get my hands on a autograph of yours!

  • 69w ago scm_9sincere9 scm_9sincere9

    I got the ability to verbally take lobs mj hops jump over a giants head this vinsanity air Canada Carter ouuuuuuuuuuuu owwwwww powwow really got shot 4 times and never hit the floor let me open this motherfucker coolest door mighty mouse fuck drake 💯 plus I be from the lake still yelling fuck the fake fuck the Jake's smoking with Jamal half baked

  • 69w ago xicana_86 xicana_86

    So mad I couldn't be there!

  • 69w ago chompton_ chompton_

    That's nice!!

  • 69w ago gema419 gema419

    #losvandejos painting done by @bigchecho

  • 69w ago librosycultura librosycultura

    I was there and missed you by 5 minutes. Really wanted to get a book signed and personally thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for Chicana/o art

  • 69w ago jlpz892 jlpz892

    Sweet. I'm gonna have to pick up a copy.

  • 69w ago jimbolt1965 jimbolt1965

    Nice pic!

  • 69w ago danielyarhi danielyarhi

    Haberlo sabido...

  • 69w ago bedrockdabbers bedrockdabbers

    Damnnn we missed you by like 10 minutes that day. We accidentally went to the museum of contemporary arts in la jolla and heading back downtown was like massive traffic, it would have been sick to get your signature on my guitar lol xD

  • 64w ago sandra.castillo.7927 sandra.castillo.7927

    I feel in love with your Chicano art collection.. unique and brilliant

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