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I was one busy 🐝 today!

Look at these little bebe cotton seeds I picked out of my cotton that I'm going to try to plant (after being extra encouraged and inspired by @heyannahambly and @solunei)! Have you ever planted cotton before? Send any tips/tricks my way fellow plant mamas 🌿

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  • 125w ago mrsprissemmerson mrsprissemmerson

    My husband is a farmer and cotton is one of the crops he rotates! Cotton is actually a perennial shrub (though, for the sake of disease control, it's commercially farmed as an annual). It's a pretty tough little plant, the only thing it can't handle is freezing, so I'd start it inside then come springtime you can plant it. Cotton is one of my favorite plants, it has the prettiest pink and white flowers, then the soft white cotton balls.

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