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"Nothing meant for you is going to pass by you without stopping to see if you're ready to receive it"- @alex_elle //
Keep an eye out for those things. I know I am. 💫✨ #theknittingqueenscastle | #plantmamadiaries | #houseplantclub


  • 126w ago aigalangan aigalangan

    Would you mind sharing your plant watering ways? I keep killing my plants. @agirlnamedleney

  • 125w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney

    @aigalangan oh my goodness I still feel like I'm learning myself! But I have learned a few things since becoming more of a #plantmama 😁 maybe I should write a blog post on it because I have a lot to say actually!!

  • 125w ago aigalangan aigalangan

    @agirlnamedleney please do. There are some that thrive with me and some I should let others foster because I have "mom guilt".

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