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Story of the day: Went to a house to pick up a sheep skin from a Craigslist add (of course.... It's me, why are you surprised?) and befriended Brenda and her husband Steve who were some of the nicest people. We actually had quite a few common interests. I got a tour of their beautiful little oasis (complete with koi pond) and upon hearing I loved plants, Brenda took me out to her self made greenhouse and insisted on giving me a whole bunch of plants along with instructions on how to care for them! They even had one of those tiny free library's in front of their house. Honestly overwhelmed at how beautiful the world can be and the generous and kind people we can meet if we take a minute to ask extra questions, start new conversations and show interest in things and people outside of ourselves.
I've been having a lot of interactions like this lately and I want a unique hashtag to curate the images and stories... Suggestions?

Also: Immediate reaction after meeting Brenda can be seen in my Instagram story 😂🌿 #peopleimeet | #learningtoletalittlegreenintomylife | #plantmamadiaries | #plantmama | #plantsofinstagram | #theartofslowliving


  • 128w ago lillianmariev lillianmariev

    We had a similar craigslist experience recently. Went into it fully prepared for the guy to be a murderer or a scam, and he ended up being a genuine gem with a fascinating life story. I know we are taught to be scared of the world and the people in it, but I can't help but feel like that fear is keeping us from beautiful experiences like this.

  • 128w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney

    @lillianmariev what a lovely story! I completely agree. I've been meeting the most interesting people through Craigslist especially lately. I agree on that front, we should be a little more open, a little more curious, a little more in wonder. I think our intuitions will kick in in less than desirable circumstances more often than we give ourselves credit for. Here's to not living in fear and being brave and making new friends. 💕

  • 128w ago lillianmariev lillianmariev

    👆🏻Cheers to that!

  • 128w ago krunchykarli krunchykarli

    I heart these kind of stories soooo much. Treasure is such a great word to describe it too. Older people tend to be my favorite to meet in this way. Their stories are so rich from experience and time.

  • 128w ago krunchykarli krunchykarli

    #thecraigslisttreasures is my best shot at a suggestion.

  • 128w ago siobhanwatts siobhanwatts

    I love this so much 🙏🏻✨

  • 128w ago alanadorothy alanadorothy

    Love meeting well-lived, well-loved new friends! ✨

  • 128w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney


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