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Up touching up one side of my head. My hair has really grown out fast. You see them dreads, lol. One side is not touched and the other side is touched up. I am also connecting some dreads together because I really don't want a lot of little ones. #BSD👑 #dreadtouchup #dreadhead #dreadjourney #touchuptimeagain #dreadlocs #starterdreads #shortdreads #mydreads #istartedthem almost 2 months in. #thestruggleisreal


  • 112w ago rillcutz rillcutz

    What do you use to twist

  • 112w ago beautyyyyyskindeep beautyyyyyskindeep

    @designercutzbytom tonight I'm just using a really sticky spritz and a blow dryer the spritz is sticky and after twisting and drying it stays in place works really well

  • 112w ago beautyyyyyskindeep beautyyyyyskindeep

    Helps with locking I also have a Jamaican lock and twist and some twist and lock mold that I hardly use I also got beeswax but I don't use it

  • 108w ago chechobanz chechobanz

    Wt do u use to wash, i have afro how do i start ,


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