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A list of nice things that have already happened this Monday// * Took a moment before all the work I have to do to just be still. Take in the beautiful almost-fall windy day and appreciate the life I've been given and where I get to live it. * Read an article in a @voguemagazine my momma gave me about a woman who started a rooftop garden in the heart of NYC.... #plantmamadiaries Goals ๐ŸŒฟ * It's finally chilly enough for me to wear my favorite top by Tennessee weaver @tntextilemill * Have a fascinating conversation during a Craigslist exchange this morning with a woman who writes for the Richmond times dispatch who primarily writes the obituaries. How it's often difficult to carefully select and curate pieces of people's lives to do them justice and honor in a brief summation. How you see the rawest and truest parts of the people left behind. How it's a somewhat satisfying thing to get to do for people and how she wishes more people would do it.
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