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  • 106w ago gmr__ gmr__

    I wonder y u care so much as to talk so much shit bout her like wtf is ur fucking problem😴 let her be her nd u chill ur ass down😤...damn sorry @selenagomez💓 cant be as good as @mileycyrus (in ur opinion) but look at all the wonderful things shes done 🤔nd u over here shaming her for everything like tf😒

  • 106w ago byefakelena byefakelena

    @sophisticated.g__ no I don't body or slut shame so wyd? 🙄👋🏽

  • 106w ago gmr__ gmr__

    Hmm🤔 what about that post u made bout her photoshopping ™😼💁

  • 106w ago gmr__ gmr__

    Nd btw i never said body shaming i meant shaming her for all the good shit shes done so...🤔😂

  • 106w ago leonoraarexha leonoraarexha

    @byefakelena hahahahhaha ME AFF so true @tishukajlina

  • 106w ago sayyllaa sayyllaa

    but you say the same stupid shit about her so what's the point?

  • 106w ago byefakelena byefakelena

    @saylahorton_ my face is the same as the picture rn 💤

  • 95w ago breedavis13 breedavis13

    Pretty sure it's true though. Why do you do this? Selena did nothing! Why don't you just let this account go and go live your life! You are wasting so much time trying to hate. Selena is going through EXTREMELY hard times and you are continuing to be rude and hurtful. I want you to answer this question. Why? Explain why you don't like her!

  • 93w ago princesaelenaa princesaelenaa

    ^^^totally agree. but why make a hate page in the first place? Everyone has imperfections so why pick on someone about it. It's ok to not like someone but a hole page about it is childish and cruel.. Grow up already.


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