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If you all only knew! This is what we officially are calling the #Core4 now!! This group KILLED IT for Señor Grubby's and our 8yr Celebration #Grubbys8. All the planning, all the details, giveaway items, games, flyers, posters, marketing, sponsorships, emails, phone calls, beers, drink specials, scheduling, layouts, dunk tank, and, and, and, all came from the #Core4!! So thankful for you guys and all the hard work we put in to make this happen! Next time for sure we need to add some foot soldiers and assistants because this one definitely pushed us all to the max! "Thanks guys"!! And cheers to 8 even more successful years! Love you and appreciate you all! AND to the whole @senorgrubbys crew, I am honored to have all of you on the team and a part of the Grubby's family! Let's keep kickin' some A!! Ha ha! #WorkLife #GrubbysFamily #SenorGrubbys #BestEver #Legends #CrushingIt #KillingIt #CarlsbadVillage #Carlsbad #LiveLifeSpicy



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