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Instagram post by @spencerhorsmanofficial Spencer Horsman


  • 87w ago kelseyjuchem kelseyjuchem

    I'm so sorry Spencer.

  • 87w ago samanthafmc samanthafmc


  • 87w ago coldasjenna coldasjenna

    stay strong spence, he's always with you ❤️

  • 87w ago buffsss buffsss

    So sorry ): hugs from Costco ):

  • 87w ago shanford80 shanford80

    #truth #onefootinfrontoftheother 😘

  • 87w ago miranda.chastain miranda.chastain

    ❤️😔 I'm sorry.

  • 87w ago miyuroki miyuroki

  • 87w ago skippals skippals

    My wife lost her best friend 8yrs. ago today to cancer. It truly sucks. We always miss her. Take care. Hope to see you at foxwoods in Aug.

  • 87w ago chelseabsb93 chelseabsb93

    Just keep taking it one day at a time, and know that your dad will always be with you and is always proud of everything you've accomplished. ❤️

  • 87w ago iris.i.l.photography_ iris.i.l.photography_


  • 87w ago shortpam411 shortpam411


  • 87w ago iamleecon iamleecon


  • 87w ago kathylarubia kathylarubia


  • 87w ago dschiano dschiano

    I met your dad when I attended a show at illusions. He spoke to my friends and I for about an hour after the show (we were the very last group to leave). Even though our interaction was brief I could tell he was a wonderful person and he was extremely proud of you. I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope you are able to keep illusions running strong.

  • 87w ago laurie_breedlove laurie_breedlove

    It Takes Time Sweetheart, I'm Not Saying You'll Ever Get Over It, But It Will Get Easier.. #LoveIsForever And Know, You Were Fortunate To Have Such An Amazing Father. He Wants You To Keep On Keepin On Spencer.. Remember Him And Smile. #FuckCancer Keep Letting Your Light Shine Honey, He'll See You 🌟🙏🏼🌟❤️

  • 87w ago liekekocks liekekocks

    Hugs from me ♥

  • 87w ago fctone1971 fctone1971

    Forever in your heart. Treasure the memories

  • 87w ago greenma1 greenma1

    So true So often Keep smiling

  • 86w ago cheesecakes_xox cheesecakes_xox

    So sorry to hear such news. I hope you're doing alright. Stay strong.

  • 85w ago gwensdayaddams gwensdayaddams

    I know these feelings, sadly. If you need anything, even just to talk, I'm here. 💗 coming your way.

  • 82w ago _bluejay_jay _bluejay_jay

    @spencerhorsmanofficial Cool @novumcollection 📷🤘

  • 81w ago sorryimkaia87 sorryimkaia87

    We missed you tonight at the show💕hope you're doing okay man

  • 81w ago sorryimkaia87 sorryimkaia87

    Please read your messages, I really hope it makes you feel a little better❤️

  • 73w ago svella_wonderland svella_wonderland

    Hugs from me😕

  • 72w ago rhondavu1 rhondavu1


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