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Gonna be a long while before those abs make an appearance again. My improvement season plan is to take as long as will be needed to grow into the next weight class. Gotta love the process and lifestyle!! #ctsponsoredathlete #ctmycaltan #blanklabelperformance #americanmayhem #bodybuilding #fit #fitness #npc #npcindiana #middleweight #npcindianapolischampionships #growseason #eatbiggetbig #fitfam #abs @blank_label_performance @californiatan @americanmayhem2015 @team.montgomery #motivateyourself #nofilter


  • 136w ago greg.wayne greg.wayne

    @tjhockenbury89 dude you already lost your abs?

  • 136w ago tjhockenbury89 tjhockenbury89

    @greg.wayne depends on the day! Let me know if you find them!! lol my mid section gets washed over badly if I even have one thing. Everything else will look the same but mid section... Nope. I fluctuate like crazy

  • 136w ago greg.wayne greg.wayne

    Yeah I'm just giving you a hard time. I'm the same way. Razor sharp in the morning washed out by the time I finish my first meal

  • 136w ago tjhockenbury89 tjhockenbury89

    @greg.wayne I've actually recently discovered that I think I've become lactose intolerant from never ever having dairy. I've had ice cream as part of a cheat twice since the Indianapolis and both times was followed by extreme bloating and water retention.. I'm talking visible pits in my limbs and back pumps so painful I can hardly train followed by horrible headaches. My body has been all over the place trying to figure out what I can consume and can't consume.

  • 136w ago acrews89 acrews89

    Hey I gotta swim meet this weekend you mind if I borrow that suit? Thanks

  • 136w ago tjhockenbury89 tjhockenbury89

    @acrews89 I haven't taken it off still since the show but yeah man I'll give it to you once im home.

  • 136w ago tjhockenbury89 tjhockenbury89

    @npc_sloane this filter adds 7.4 lbs of muscle and decreases body fat by 8%. It'll get me a sponsor from primevil, or optimum, or maybe 5%, wait... I think it was fitmiss. Whatever, I'm just coming for everything nobody ever said I could have.. Or something. 350 by fall!!!

  • 136w ago tjhockenbury89 tjhockenbury89

    @npc_sloane they just hate me cause they ain't me.

  • 136w ago officialamericanmayhem officialamericanmayhem

    Hate you cause they are jealous that your a MayhemSavageBeast brother.

  • 130w ago thebentbarbell thebentbarbell

    Get huge or die trying!!

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