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I am pissed. At the wedding. I am pissed at the wedding. At the host. Screw them (x1). When I went up I have the same face Virska have. I am proud of myself. I have ruined one of their wedding photos. And the music is so loud. Screw them (x2). Screw them (x3). I am writing this instead of capping for the celebrating. They better have food for me. And I'm actually being nice here not dropping the f bomb in this writing. Screw them (x4). - #homestuck #homestuckvriska #homestuckvriskaserket #hs #hsvriska #hsvriskaserket (somebody just gave me some money. I'm not so pissed anymore. Still screw them (x5). They just kissed. Ewwwwwww. Screw them (x6).)

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