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FRANCE ‼️‼️‼️ We are back HOME ‼️ After having crossed 32 borders this is the ONE we were waiting for !! We spoke about it for more than 11 months, that is one of the magic moments of the world tour ! We feel incredibly good to be back in our beloved country ! It's now becoming harder and harder to explain to the people we meet that we come from Paris and that it took us one year to come here ! The policemen at the border did not believed us until they saw us jumping out from our bikes and kissing the French ground ! We still have more than 1,100 before reaching Paris, we'll soon be back ‼️ 🍻🎉👌🍾💪🍷❤️ #theboysareback #thegreenwheels #backinfrance🇫🇷 #border #home #worldtour #biketouring #happy


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