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I've been thinking more and more about smoothies in regards to weight loss, gut health, and appetite regulation. As you guys probably know, I love my morning smoothie. It charges me up and keeps me satiated for hours... It also helps boost my hydration. However, it is technically processed - though fiber remains, so they're better than straight juice - and while I love being able to palatably drink down my fresh turmeric or dino kale, I am starting to question if smoothies make it too easy for us to 'eat' beyond our digestive capacity and I'm wondering how the blended fiber changes prebiotic delivery... #shittoponder #splittinghairs #firstworldproblems So here we have Smoohie: Deconstructed. Bananas. Strawberry. 10 pumpkin seeds. 2 tbsp freshly ground flax seeds. Fresh turmeric. 1/8th cup oats and the tiniest splash of hemp milk. More ingredients than any smoothie I've ever eaten, yet equally glorious. And it's a gorgeous, sweltering day in beautiful #hawaiinei #whatveganseat #choosecompassion


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    Keep questioning my dear. You are an inspiration. ✌🏽️

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    Yeah I've thought about that too...

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    I've been pondering it as well. Lately I've been making high water volume baby smoothies first thing in the morning (liter of water to 2 or 3 bananas and random other stuff) to get something in, get hydrated and then i move onto whole unprocessed fruits, however much I want.

  • 113w ago sarahwardrobe sarahwardrobe

    Lilly > @savymicrovore has some informed videos explaining the pros and cons of the processed smoothie that are useful and logical 🐒

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    Oh I just needed to catch up on your posts re the smoothie question lol!

  • 113w ago anyfitvegan anyfitvegan

    Most of the Vegan Docs don't recommend smoothies because they say you end up consuming more calories than you would if you ate them with all the fiber in tact. Doug Lisle says you actually add 12% more calories because your body doesn't burn as many calories when most of the digestion work is done for the stomach. I just love the convenience and energy though!!

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    nooo! haha. I've been fearing my smoothies all week but been feeling terrible without them! I stopped eating them to see if I ate less/lost weight/felt better, etc and nothing was different except I think I actually ate MORE because I put a lot of water in my smoothies. Anyway I finally started to incorporate them again, and I feel so much better! It's probably just something people should experiment with and see which way of eating makes them feel the best!

  • 113w ago madelynwalter madelynwalter

    I have been having the same thoughts, and I'm at the point where I now consider a smoothie as a 'sometimes' food, much in the same way that most people consider soft drink a sometimes food. So I'll have them sometimes but I know it's not the best for me

  • 113w ago estelle__bloom estelle__bloom

    Smoothies are a "sometimes" food for me too. I have a thing about chewing - I like to do it!

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    Hmm I have a small problem.. I am in the process of turning vegan but I really love crispy things. Especially crispy and sweet things. I found banana chips a good alternative to do something about this craving but where I live you can only find them made with honey and oils and I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't eat them.. Does anybody have any crispy recommendations? Haha, thanks 😄

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    I guess I very often eat "deconstructe

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    Oups sorry "deconstructed smoothies" for breakfast!!with also goji berries and mangos when I have them!but today as my belly was a bit sick I went for a big bowl of hot porridge with hot peaches compote, topped with bananas. A pure delight also!!

  • 113w ago danihealthyandfree danihealthyandfree

    Amazing meal and place 😍

  • 113w ago humbled_growth humbled_growth

    We need to chew to start the process of digestion and so even when drinking a smoothie, make the chewing movements with your jaw.

  • 113w ago humbled_growth humbled_growth

    However, a smoothie is made with a machine, and so it is an unnatural way of processing food. We should be breaking it down ourselves and then swallowing it in the pieces we chewed them into, and then we should remember that they are really a good treat or complement to our meals, not replacements. Go back to the roots of how we eat.


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