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Have you ever bought yourself a stuffed animal? I'm about to turn 37 and I just did. The Zebra is the mascot for Eihlers-Danlos Syndrome because we are the hidden disease that doctors are told not to assume we have. Most people are horses...but we are a horse of a different color.
I bought my zebra because I need a little companion for when the pain is bad and especially when I go through some of the painful procedures to help gain strength.
But she needs a good name!! Suggestions?!
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  • 117w ago quilting_nanny quilting_nanny


  • 117w ago idagoede idagoede

    I know what you're going through. The worst thing is knowing I passed it on to all 3 of my daughters Let's name her Hope. Maybe there is hope for my kids or grandchildren

  • 117w ago tiffyfischy tiffyfischy


  • 117w ago artgal53 artgal53

    I have a friend whose daughter was just diagnosed with EDS. Call him Hercules. For strength.

  • 117w ago shadowsoftheblueridge shadowsoftheblueridge

    Hope :)

  • 117w ago pinspots pinspots

    Clara to clear away the pain.

  • 117w ago strettonpauline strettonpauline


  • 117w ago jen.barnard jen.barnard

    How about Zelda the Zebra?

  • 117w ago gerijansenvanvliet gerijansenvanvliet


  • 117w ago itiskismet_stitches itiskismet_stitches

    I love all the suggestions so far. But just to be quirky, how about Zed?

  • 117w ago thistlethicketstudio thistlethicketstudio

    Xanadu the Zebra?

  • 117w ago rabbitfroofroo rabbitfroofroo

    I love Hope for a name. And I buy things like this for myself all the time. Life is short. 😊

  • 117w ago tealthyme tealthyme

    Yes, im 35 and still buying stuffed animals 🐼🐸🐨🐱🐡 they make me happy

  • 117w ago nicoleblessdesign nicoleblessdesign

    I am the same age and still buy myself stuff like this all the time! And how about "Hank" πŸ˜‰

  • 117w ago jopingel jopingel

    Do Disney stuffed animals count? Then yes, I still do too.

  • 117w ago bwquilts bwquilts

    She looks like a "Ziggy" to me... 😜

  • 117w ago thecowgirlinthecity thecowgirlinthecity

    What about Zeb? or Zula if its a girl?

  • 117w ago thebroncarr thebroncarr

    Ditto @artgal53 Hercules for strength! Perfect πŸ˜€

  • 117w ago quiltnonna quiltnonna


  • 117w ago engling_r engling_r

    Zoe !

  • 117w ago moomimomma moomimomma

    I,m going out on a limb here........I think it should be called....Spot !!!!!!

  • 117w ago kvintaen kvintaen

    ? Stribra?

  • 117w ago carrie_lynnie carrie_lynnie

    How about "Comfort"?

  • 117w ago jbcmom3 jbcmom3

    Dwayne Johnson....for no other reason than the fact that I like Dwayne Johnson lol!! :)

  • 117w ago marjolein.buis marjolein.buis


  • 117w ago jackiejonesblake jackiejonesblake

    EDelweiSs. It has eds in her name. πŸ˜ƒ

  • 117w ago jbcmom3 jbcmom3

    @moomimomma perfect!

  • 117w ago melrosecakes melrosecakes

    I like Spot or Rover.☺️

  • 117w ago aniva_rose aniva_rose

    Zag. Sorry you are in pain.

  • 117w ago hopkins.dawn hopkins.dawn

    Spirit is the noun synonym of strength. ❀️

  • 117w ago jskarritt jskarritt

    Oh yes!!!

  • 117w ago angelapingel angelapingel

    thank you everyone!! I loved the names that mean something and especially ones that means life. Then I had an epiphany. Eva! That means life as well. So she is Eva the Zebra!

  • 117w ago animated_librarian animated_librarian

    We have the zebra in common. My cancers' ribbon is zebra striped for the same reason (carcinoid cancer). I have had a new affinity for little zebra things since I was diagnosed last year. Here's to Eva!


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