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Instagram post by @jacksdols Jacky D

Decided on what to watch tonight. Since reading The Martian, it reminded me I hadn't seen this great movie in a while... Will finish the book probably tomorrow as it a really fascinating read. #TheRightStuff #Dvd #theracetospace #astronauts #moviecollection #philipkaufman #booktoscreen #tomwolfe #mercury7 #spaceprogram #oscarwinner #themartian #andyweir


  • 78w ago barbarapeck378 barbarapeck378

    I love that movie.

  • 78w ago kynd77 kynd77

    It is a good film, also the book is great - I had to read it for a university class (too many years ago!) More recently I read (and watched) The Astronaut Wives Club which tells the story from the Wives' perspective - really interesting! Would be good to read/see them side by side.

  • 78w ago m00nmachine m00nmachine

    💥🚀💥🚀 #iheartspace

  • 78w ago jacksdols jacksdols

    @kynd77 The book is on my purchase list but still a bit expensive atm. Saw the wives book as well and is as the above on my wish list. Didn't know there was also a movie about last one. Thanks for the heads up!

  • 78w ago kynd77 kynd77

    It was a tv series about a year ago :)

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