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Happy Mother's Day to all our abuelitas, tías, sisters, and mamas!
Every year Justice for Young Families (J4YF) Young Parent Leader Council members write #MamasDay cards to other young parents.
J4YF calls for a shift in our culture, communities and society to uplift and improve the lives of all youth. By working alongside parenting, pregnant, and non-parenting youth, J4YF works towards policies that promote the health, equity and dignity of young families.

We will be sharing cards from the Central Valley J4YF YPLC memebers through the week. Share these cards with a young mama / parent you know. Happy mamas day to all the young mamas / parents in our familias!

To learn more about how you too can support young parents join Justice for Young Families see link on our profile.

To make your own cards visit Strong Families at:

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