Instagram post by @essieneutrals Charlotte Nordset

Worth The Wait, bridal 2015, four coats. It's difficult to take a good picture of it, but it's very cute. And it works in any number of coats, from one coat for a sheer, coral kissed pearly shine, to four, for a 95% opaque coral pink (which I personally prefer over perfect opacity, I like the soft, "natural" look). btw I'm currently testing Brilliant Service whitening treatment on my other hand, I haven't found any reviews with pictures or anything online (which is weird?), so I'm curious to see if it will help with my formaldehyde-stained nails. I want to wear sheer polishes again! Stay away from formaldehyde girls. (all Essie products are formaldehyde free👍🏼) #Essie #worththewait #bridal2015 #coral

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