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Today I bought a Brother ScanNCut CM900 which scans, cuts and draws on paper and fabric. It's incredible! I'm still figuring out all the functions and I'll post a video when I have it figured out more. I spent HOURS hand cutting the stencils for La Carlottas cape. This cut the same stencil in 25 seconds. Why didn't I have this a year ago?! #cosplay #brotherscanncut #scrapbooking #quilting #scanncut


  • 105w ago jwodesigns jwodesigns

    Oh wow! The marvels of technology!!!

  • 105w ago the.saltdaddy the.saltdaddy


  • 105w ago alwayss202 alwayss202

    Oh duuude. How expensive are those machines??

  • 105w ago msmajorsam msmajorsam

    @alwayss202 this model is $700AUD rrp

  • 105w ago emi.apollo emi.apollo

    @savingmrfisher such a great idea!

  • 105w ago alwayss202 alwayss202

    @msmajorsam from memory thats like $775NZD so basically an arm and a leg orz.... It seems so crazily worth it though to be able to have such detailed stencils and the fact that it works on fabric?? THE ABILITY TO CUT YOUR OWN LACE I WOULD CRY AHHHHH time to do research and start saving I think πŸ‘ thank you for the info!

  • 105w ago msmajorsam msmajorsam

    @alwayss202 if you can think of ways to use it, I'm sure it would pay for itself. :) I bought it so I can make throw away screen printing stencils for my prodducts I'm looking to make.

  • 105w ago emeraldlking emeraldlking


  • 105w ago narakubrock narakubrock

    I own a cut mashine too. It was so useful for my 1st Joffrey costume, Peter Pan & co. But I worked only with paper, foam & foil. Should test it with fabric too one day.

  • 105w ago otakuteart otakuteart

    I haven't needed one yet but I want one anyway!!

  • 105w ago andycamcosplay andycamcosplay

    It's amazing isn't it. I've been using mine for like a year now and it's been the best thing ever for cosplay

  • 105w ago mojje42 mojje42

    Cool =) don't need one but would be cool to have one =P

  • 105w ago scrapbooking_swe scrapbooking_swe

    I want one!!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŽˆπŸ’œ amazing!!!

  • 104w ago lady_juna lady_juna

    Theyve got the CM110 model currently on sale at spotlight for $ it as good?

  • 104w ago msmajorsam msmajorsam

    @lady_juna I'm pretty sure it is a lot smaller and has fewer features but it all depends on what you would like to do with it. I think the CM110 is normally $600 so it's a decent sale!

  • 74w ago harveyhobbies_crafting harveyhobbies_crafting

    Check out our glue for resticking your mat 😬 @msmajorsam

  • 17w ago smiling_sue_dd smiling_sue_dd

    @lady_juna I too am looking at this sale price and can't find info on the differences. Good question. Thank you.

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