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HE BIT HIMSELF!! The rat here's right as her struck and nailed himself! Hahahaha never seen that one done before. #derp #columbianboa #boaconstrictor #boasofinstagram #constrictorsofinstagram #boasofig #constrictorsofig #hewentfullretard #snakesofinstagram #petsofig #exoticpet #picoftheday #videooftheday


  • 125w ago ronninorton ronninorton

    That's rough

  • 125w ago its_a_serpentine_thing its_a_serpentine_thing

    @ronninorton I'm surprised the poor guy didn't break a tooth off in himself lol

  • 125w ago canadiansnakequeen canadiansnakequeen

    That's crazy!! It's a first for me 😳 I feed a lot and their pretty cautious about taking the feeder from near their body. I'd expect a BP before a boa to do this 😂 Wow!! His teeth should be fine, how's his bite though? Did he leave a mark? Crazy snakey 💚🐍

  • 125w ago its_a_serpentine_thing its_a_serpentine_thing

    @snakequeen no I checked him pretty good I seen no marks or teeth. He seems to be just fine.

  • 125w ago its_a_serpentine_thing its_a_serpentine_thing

    @snake_queen69 oops and again here^

  • 125w ago its_a_serpentine_thing its_a_serpentine_thing

    Sorry @snakequeen

  • 125w ago canadiansnakequeen canadiansnakequeen

    Sweet, a great outcome! Crazy to capture it as well. I woulda thrown my iPad, lol. I wish my meanies would do that so they could see how it feels, haha!! Nooo, lol. (kinda) 😂 he was so gentle taking his teeth out and his scales just sprung back. Very crazy to see that but I've Always wondered!!! What if? My white lipped pythons would damage themselves I'm sure cause their skin is so thin and they have lots of teeth. When they miss the feeder though,'s just me they get 😱👍 it feel so gross. Same with my olives, they have the softest skin ever as babies. You don't feel scales but you barely feel their bite as well. They turn Into big snakes but so far at 10 months small heads, small bites. Long bodies though. I'm blabbing, I'm so sorry 😂 I could talk snakes forever.


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