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name;; Fei Shizuka
callings;; The Black Dragon, Longwei, Orochi, Tatsuya

age;; Unknown
gender;; Cisgender Female
orrientation;; Heterosexual
profession;; Maiden
location;; Beijing, Hong Kong
ethnicity;; Chinese
spoken languages;; Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, Korean
specie;; Shapeshifter

eye color;; Auburn
hair color;; Raven Black
physique;; Lean, Flexible, Curvacous

father;; Unknown
mother;; Chao Fei-Yen
siblings;; None
children;; None
significant other;; None

moral allignment;; Chaotic Evil
skills;; Change Into a Great Dragon, Control Fire, Sword Fighting

personality;; Cunning, Vengeful, Malicious, Stubborn, Fierce, Manipulative, Arrogant, Proudful
adores;; Vengeance, Her Mother, Power, Authority, Victory
abhors;; The Emperors, Being Underestimated, Losing

face claim;; Fan BingBing
background;; Chao Fei-Yen was born in the temple, belonging to the Emperor's maid. The Emperor was infuriated by the child and made her life a hell both for her and her mother. Once Fei-Yen was of age, she fled to Japan to form a cruel plan to destroy the Emperor and all those that was to come after. It was then she contacted a witch, begging for her to grant her a child that would be the destruction of the dynasties and their emperors. Fei-Yen was given this, because of the sympathy from the witch. Shizuka Fei, a healthy, beautiful girl, was born. Though she was unlike any other for she could shift into a fire breathing dragon who could desolate every city and land she so desired. Not only was she gifted with this, but a ravishing beauty that put most queens to shame. When Shizuka turned 18, she was sent to the temple of Beijing to work as a simple maiden, but little did the emperor know she connected with rebels on the outside to bring down the emperor once and for all. To bring down the emperor would never quench her vengeance. No, Shizuka has her mind set on becoming the next empress of all of China.

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