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Brian Gaughan @bgaughan12 , a junior at Hopkinton High School and member of the 17U Longhorns prospect team, is here getting his velocity measured on the run & gun drill and working on his fastball location inside on a lefty. Brian battled a freak injury last year sliding into a base and I know he's geared up to get back on the field this spring. His run & gun velocity is 86.8 mph with a 4 oz underload baseball and 85.8 with a regulation 5 oz baseball. Brian has the most athletic run and gun in the program, in my opinion. I love the athleticism, explosiveness, and the INTENT to throw hard. He also maxed out at 77.9 mph on the mound. I've worked with Brian for four years now, and he's a phenomenal kid with a great work ethic, attitude, and competitiveness. The last clip shows off his greatest strength as a pitcher - location and movement. You can see we're working on locating our fastball inside under the hitters hands. Pitchers should always make sure their catchers don't necessarily set up over the inside part of the plate, but rather inside under the hitter's hands right by their knee cap. If the hitter is way off the plate, the catcher will be set up off the plate. I'm looking forward to seeing Brian excel for the Hopkinton varsity team this spring. #hillerbaseball #athleticpitchers #velocity #runandguns #attackhittersinside #toughness #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy


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