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#boycottdollskill this is @nikkilipstick , a name ALL of us should know. Why? Because she is fighting for us. I have followed her internet presence for years and she is an absolute fucking INSPIRATION. In a world where it's so hard to make something of yourself it is absolutely killing me to see her creative visions being stolen. (Along with @gitsiewood , @beibadgirl and I'm sure countless others). Please be aware of where you are shopping and spend your money with the people who dedicated their lives to making their art and their dreams come true. Thank you so much Nikki you are truly a blessing to this world and you don't deserve this. Your brand has personally impacted my life along with your message and I love you soooo much. Thank you for being such a positive presence and letting us all know that dreams can become reality. Don't let this bump in the road slow your role we need you. Fuck dollskill do not shop with those scumbags #girlpower #boycottdollskill

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