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Making this post because seeing 3 babes who i love and admire have had their work and there ideas STOLEN by @dollskill! @nikkilipstick has had her designs and idea stolen in the past but the latest and greatest of these is that of @beibadgirl, whos designs have been RIPPED OFF by @sugarpillsclth, and is being sold and SUPPORTED by Dollskill. To add salt to this wound, @beibadgirl also found rings being sold by @boneidolclothing were a BLANTANT RIP OFF, also being sold by Dollskill. @GOTH.MOM FOR MORE INFORMATION! ♡♡♡ #BOYCOTTDOLLSKILL #BOYCOTTDOLLSKILL #DOLLCULTFOREVER#nikkilipstick #dollskill #dollcult #kawaii #babe #sadgirlsclub

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