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Featured Barbell Babe: Stefanie

Stefanie's fitness journey started when she was 14-years-old and got recruited to play soccer for the Venezuelan National team. Four years later, upon moving to the States, she decided to focus on school and pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor.

The focus on athleticism and performance soon got replaced by body image issues and insecurities. For years Stefanie let the weight on the scale and the distorted image she was seeing in the mirror control the way she felt about herself.

In an attempt to take control of her life, she decided to give iron sports a try. It looked like a good way to challenge herself every day where progress could be easily measured. Stefanie realized that performance based goals were a lot healthier for her and that would allow herself to let aesthetics be a bi-product of hard work.
Stefanie hopes her story resonates with women who are struggling with the same body image issues she overcame, and realized that weightlifting and Powerlifting can be amazing tools to show yourself and the world how strong you really are!

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Today's Workout:
Strict Dip Practice

Strict Ring Dip Practice

Soul Calisthenics
Ring Complex
-1 Strict Muscle Up
-3 Strict Dips
-10s Support Hold
-3 Strict Dips
-1 L-Hang Negative
3 Rounds
15 Calorie Row
15 DB Thrusters (AHAP)
30 DB Lunges



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