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January 4th
Rudra Mudra

The Rudra Mudra is the Ruler of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the third primary chakra. It strengthens the earth element and it’s organs, which include the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. The Rudra mudra can be used by people who have experiences heart complains, dizziness, or general states of exhaustion

With both hands take your thumb, index finger, and ring finger and bring them together while extending your other two fingers away from you

A meditation to go along with this mudra from “Yoga in Your Hands” “In your mind, see a white canvas in front of you. With a charcoal pencil, draw a wagon wheel on it; the outer rim, the inner rim, and the spokes that connect the inner rim with the outer rim. The hub is shaped like a square. See a yellow point at the very center of it. While inhaling let the yellow point come toward you and become increasingly large and shiny. While exhaling, let it become smaller again and return to the hub. Always keep your mind focused completely on the center.”

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