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Who all watched #theabominablebride tonight?? No spoilers, but WOW!!! We should dig our #Sherlock cosplays out again one day, but until then have these #SherlockCosplay throwbacks (taken in the halls at #Shadocon about.....three years ago)


  • 149w ago walrusandsons walrusandsons

    I need to watch that!

  • 149w ago isaisanisa isaisanisa

    @walrusandsons Oh it's just up your alley, I think--you'd really enjoy it

  • 149w ago littlekawaiinerd littlekawaiinerd

    Omg Goals. Just watched it.❤️😁

  • 149w ago ashnouveau ashnouveau

    Also just watched it, also feel the burning need to pull out our cosplays.

  • 149w ago em__drawings em__drawings

    It was awesome😍

  • 149w ago deanjksmith deanjksmith

    all i could think of whilst i was watching it was whether or not you'd be getting back into your cosplays to celebrate the episode. glad you did!

  • 146w ago walrusandsons walrusandsons

    Much delayed, but I just watched it...complex! Definitely up my alley @isaisanisa

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