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Mornings what in the actual fuck is your problem like why do you even exist any more? I haven't cartooned in a fucking decade rendering you obsolete so please tell me why I need to break my beauty sleep just to see your pitiful being and what physical work. SUCK MY DICK MORNINGS....also....#sds #nofaceselfies for @joshua_from_oshawa and @shaun_keleher 💩talk #shit #scotthaleistalking


  • 129w ago andrewratz05 andrewratz05

    It sounds like you are very upset yet I feel like that was a lot of fun for you and brought you joy

  • 129w ago

    @andrewratz05 I'm like the hulk in many ways. You're right. Thanks bro 👊👊

  • 129w ago ms_nightshade ms_nightshade

    I started at 530 yesterday, 630 today. I FEEL THIS IN MY SOUL

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