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This decision or discussion is a result of a very flawed system consisting of man-made law. If we leave our problems and affairs in the hands of the Kuffar do you really think they will benefit you? Will they appeal to you? More importantly will it be easy for you to hold on to the Deen to seek the pleasure of Allah swt? Does man-made law based on capitalism make you feel safe? No, no, no and no. Never has appealed to me and never will. These rules and laws are solely in place for the benefit of the government and his interests not yours or ours which completely deviates us from the Islamic way of life. We are one ummah and we share the same thought and ideas. Throughout this world this ummah calls for one solution. And that one solution is the beautiful system of Islam. Join the call. Support the call. #oneummah #onesolution #onecall #oneislam #onekhilafah



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