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I wrecked my car and my #uprightbass of the past 11 years. It's having major surgery done and being stitched back together by Eddie @randywoodguitars
In the meantime,
this is what it looks like when #Savannahmusicians come together.
#CoyCampbell of#NightingaleNews brought over his Italian lady and got her completely set up for me so I can keep on keeping the dream alive these next couple of weeks while my upright is down.
Super touching that within minutes multiple musicians/music teachers in this awesome community called and offered their service and time and love and encouragement. Because of that I'm able to get back to gigging this week with a full heart and head high.
Keep on rocking guys. Your support means the world

#cport4life #musicians #community #music #bassist #houseofstrut #giglife #rock #livemusic #supportlocalmusic #mycitysbetterthanyourcity #Ijustwanttodohoodratstuffwithmyfriends
P.S I'll be playing this Friday with this guy, in Nightingale News, with #amethystkiah and #parkergispert of #thewhigs @thejinx912 . Really this whole post was just to tell you that. I'll be playing a really rad Italian #bass this Friday with this guy and the rest of the band and the other great bands. Come. Let's rock



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