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My success wall in my room! This wall multiplies with awards and important memories from experiences in my life a little more each year. There's my Guinness factory award for making a perfect pint of Guinness from Dublin, Ireland, the Juilliard Journal from February 2013 when I had my acting audition for them in Chicago, The President's Volunteer award, show flyers that from shows that I've directed, my lucky numbers that got me to advance at my first try at The Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts, my KSAU 90.1 Certificate of Achievement for the Best Specialty Program for SFA's radio station in Nacogdoches and pictures my wonderful kids from work colored for me! Whenever I'm down and need a pick me up, this wall reminds me that I am great, hardworking, passionate at all that I do and that I can't give up because I have a bunch of people counting on me! #successwall #motivation #motivationalmonday #ishouldaddacollageofpictures


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