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Just remembered last week's Mindfulness Challenge while on the bus. I took a breath in and silently said to everyone on the bus "may all of you be well" as I exhaled. It completely uplifted my spirit and created an atomsphere of goodness in my heart. Wow. So I kept doing it, letting my positive thoughts ride on the rhythm of my breathing.
As I inhaled I said to myself, "may I be well", as I exhaled I said "may you all be well". Just a beautiful practice, silently sending well wishes to yourself and others. Really made me feel better, and I was already feeling good, but this just added a quality of deep goodness to my experience. Give it a try if you can. Wishing all of you wellness, happiness and peace. Love y'all.

Tip: it helps to do this practice while letting your attention rest around your heart or the middle of your chest. But wherever is comfortable for you is where you should keep your attention. Enjoy! #BornIMusic #Mindfulness #Meditation #MayYouBeWell


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