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Instagram post by @luvableviet Shantea Mac

This diamond| flawless
My diamond | flawless
This rock | flawless
♥️place your orders today
#amythest #quartz #rocknecklace #luvablevietcreation #loveshantea


  • 120w ago crystalgreymatter crystalgreymatter

    😍 that stone

  • 120w ago luvableviet luvableviet

    @_quinn_the_human_ they are 80$ for that size. Comes in light purple and pink too.

  • 120w ago crystalgreymatter crystalgreymatter

    Thank you wow. It would be cool to have a shelf full of stone jewelry holders. What a display!

  • 120w ago pannayoga pannayoga

    Shantea, are you engaged? (I just watched your 'Spend Saturday with me' video) 😲😲🙊🙊 Also I didn't know you do yoga? What type do you do, meditation? Because I have been a self taught Yogi for the past 1.5 yrs and I do Vinyasa, Sun salutation and power yoga 😉😂🙏 #namaste

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