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Throwback to my first competition ever. I was about 195 lbs and 5.5% body fat. I had no idea what I was doing and even crossed over to the fitness model category b/c I thought I was too SMALL for Muscle Model...I ended up being told I was too BIG for muscle We all have to start somewhere! The most important thing is to just START, to take that leap of FAITH and get out of your COMFORT zone! Who knows you may go from last place to a PRO, to ranked top 10 in the WORLD! Drop the excuses and follow your dreams! Enjoy the day and remember hard work pays and GOD is GOOD! #CLovefit #AlteredPhysiqueFitness #JoplinPersonalTrainer #Wbff #WbffPro #MuscleModel #FitnessModel #Bodybuilding #MensPhysique #ClassicBodybuilding #Aesthetic #Love #NoExcuses #ChristianLovell


  • 179w ago joe_fit13x joe_fit13x

    @c_lovefit good work man! Improving with each!

  • 179w ago c_lovefit c_lovefit

    @joe_cip13x thanks buddy, keep working hard!

  • 179w ago joe_fit13x joe_fit13x

    @c_lovefit thank you for the inspiration! I will! When are you competing next?

  • 179w ago martin_horakk martin_horakk

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