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Instagram post by @yung_pueblo diego perez

The new man of the future is growing within the hearts of people throughtout the world, many men are awakening into new forms of being that are harmless, loving, and honest – forms of being that are completely new in comparison to the old energy of stiff fear-driven masculinity, which has plagued humanity as a whole. All rebirth contains an element of destruction, one cannot create without first destroying, many men are rejecting and undoing the narrow images that society hoped they would internalize, no longer yielding to the simple idea of men as dominators of their external world through force and power, but instead are courageously moving within themselves to find and uncover the freer, fuller, more complex expression of man that seeks to harm none and strives to lift up all. The future man will use his strength to turn his attention inward with the hope of learning more about himself and nature, so that he may best know how to serve and love those around him. The future man will understand the importance of striving for freedom from the inner demons that limit his happiness and cloud his vision of a united and harmless world. Above all, the future man will use his power and strength to oppress none and love all. // Much love to you all. May we all realize the freedom that is possible when we live life through the power of love, compassion, and good will. A special thank you to brother Anwar for starring in this picture and to sister Desiree for helping me with this piece.
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  • 101w ago wildlyzen wildlyzen

    Such important pieces of wisdom. Thank you for freely expressing this sacred message you received. Your writing is such a gift.

  • 101w ago miketodd07 miketodd07

    Everything changes, all the time.

  • 101w ago zhi_patti zhi_patti

    Beautifully said...

  • 101w ago hustla801 hustla801

    Man , you have the most uplifting, truthful messages , thank you ☝

  • 101w ago rosepoetryandpaint rosepoetryandpaint

    Aho brother πŸ™

  • 101w ago angelalemos4 angelalemos4

    Beautiful and powerful as always. Your positive hopeful teachings are comforting. Thank you.

  • 101w ago leveysaywakeuphumans leveysaywakeuphumans

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful image @yung_pueblo and for sharing your insightful messages. I've always admired and strived to be the type of futureman you describe. True masculinity will and is starting to prove more powerful and healing than the obstreperous, archaic version humanity is used to. You're helping to change the paradigm. Unconditional love to you brother<3

  • 101w ago dejax9 dejax9

    Been feeling this about myself lately, questioning my "manly-ness" and thinking I'm not enough of something. But I am this sensitive, harmless guy and I'm learning to embrace it. Thank you as always for your post

  • 101w ago johnharoldmoore johnharoldmoore

    Beautiful ray of light both in the picture and the prose... βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨

  • 101w ago margaret_carrero margaret_carrero

    Your light and insight are a gift to this world. Thank you.

  • 101w ago jwavenyc jwavenyc

    Not enough words to say how amazing your words, your being, we are blessed! Thank you! This truly hits the soul basically all your posts.

  • 101w ago raydawn1300 raydawn1300


  • 101w ago bad_girl_mystic bad_girl_mystic


  • 101w ago meganblennerhassett meganblennerhassett


  • 101w ago carito911 carito911

    @moonjaxx β€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈ

  • 100w ago caolmcdonaldartist caolmcdonaldartist

    Man! This is on point πŸ’ͺ!

  • 100w ago peter24.7 peter24.7

    Yes ,the future man in the NOW. So true brother . Greetings βœŒπŸ’šπŸ‘½

  • 100w ago ozlemvaryoga ozlemvaryoga


  • 100w ago ms3591 ms3591

    Beautifully stated🌺

  • 100w ago esotericsavage esotericsavage


  • 100w ago catalinahelena catalinahelena


  • 97w ago yung_pueblo yung_pueblo

    @_3syzygy_ thank you too!

  • 97w ago samanthafay216 samanthafay216


  • 97w ago noop_scoop noop_scoop

    Too nice

  • 93w ago vibrantoddisee vibrantoddisee


  • 92w ago therawfood_empress therawfood_empress

    Beauty beyond words

  • 88w ago sofiedotdk sofiedotdk


  • 83w ago lovelightandyoganz lovelightandyoganz

    @joetriple8 πŸ™

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