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Thanks to Shandel Roberts for sharing your experience with us! "My son, Coleman Roberts, first went to Challenge in November 2013. Playing on a club team getting ready for high school, it just didn’t seem like things were progressing. In fact, it seemed he was going backwards. The common phrases of stay back, and have quick hands was causing a disastrous end result. His batting average for the fall season was just over .150. As a parent, we have the best interest of our children at heart. We just want them to have the opportunity to succeed. We came to Jonny after a lot of research about what is needed to move to the next level. Jonny’s approach to the science of the swing intrigued us.
The first lesson Jonny had Coleman focusing on keeping balance and using the core muscles. He worked on rotating his hips and creating a turn to the ball instead of a push. It was impressive to have specific instruction instead of just throwing balls for batting practice! He broke down the entire swing from his hands, arms, core, hips and feet. Then Jonny created drills to create muscle memory and consistency in learning the motion. We honestly saw immediate results and every week it grew. Within four months he was hitting around .350 and we saw a tremendous difference! His teammates ask - how do you make your swing look like you are doing nothing and yet the ball hits the fence? The parents are asking what we are doing. I would highly recommend any athlete that is willing to work to make their potential a reality. I really like that Jonny is constantly giving feedback. He sends analyzed videos to us. He has come to games to see Coleman in live situations.
Today, Coleman is batting over .400. He has gotten stronger and more efficient in his swing and even more are asking how. He is seen as a hitter. He hit his first homerun in a game recently and it went approximately 360 feet with little wind opposite field. Part of that is all the hours he puts into making himself better and the other part is true instruction in the art of hitting by Jonny Lee at Challenge. Thank you, Jonny!" #testimonial #weloveourcustomers #challengeyourgame #baseball #hittheballhard #seethedifference



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