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Song of the chapter: You Know You Like It- DJ Snake
Bella's introduction:
Do you ever just sit back and think about the past and the memories from the past that were just amazing, and now your here just wanting all of that back. Like you lost everything that meant the world to you and now you think you mean nothing world but you mean everything. Hi, I'm Bella Amore Cabello, I'm 19 years old and I live in California with my best friend Kayla Anne Marie. I have long dark chocolate brown hair with and brown eyes while being 5'2. I was laying down at the beach reading 'Paper Towns' when I saw a football land on my lap. I put my book down and I picked up the football. I looked at the ball's texture and I saw a guy walk towards me. "Hey, can you toss me the ball?" A boy with brown hair and brown hypnoticy eyes asked. "Sure." I said and got up. I looked at how to throw the ball and where to grab it from and threw the ball as I learned from my older brother. I threw it with enough force and the boy caught it. As he caught it he kinda fell back but caught his balance. I chuckled and I felt someone touch my shoulders and it was my best friend Kayla. "Nice throw, but I know you can throw that football better." Kayla said and I grinned. The boy started walking up to us and he was pretty cute. "Hi, I'm Cameron Dallas, and you are?" He asked with a big smile that any girl would fall for. "I'm a person." I said and Cameron chuckled.// Hi guys it's Kayla and here's Our fan fic we will be writing in the same story but different characters POV's ✈️

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