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😋Tonight #missO indulged in one of her favourites, duck neck, with pork chunks, beef heart, beef liver, egg, coconut oil, fish oil, and kefir.😝 #shelovedit #15seconds #mealmonday #secrettoshiny _______________________________________________ Interested in more? Follow @raw_black.white.fawn


  • 149w ago tallred33 tallred33

    Do you put raw meat in each meal of your boxers ? I used to put raw eggs in my boxers food . Loved it

  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    @tallredone33 that IS their meal. That's all they eat, no kibble.

  • 149w ago atribecalledcorgi atribecalledcorgi


  • 149w ago emzyhusky emzyhusky

    That's how it should be 😁👍

  • 149w ago boxers.meekoandmowgli boxers.meekoandmowgli

    Egg shells are ok for boxers to eat?

  • 149w ago lizaboxer lizaboxer


  • 149w ago mowgli.baloo mowgli.baloo


  • 149w ago whitneyboxerdog whitneyboxerdog

    Someone sure is living the life!

  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    Yeah @sumbrz_crazy4boxers just not the store bought ones because they may be sprayed with something. These are right from the farm😁

  • 149w ago frankcap82 frankcap82

    I was thinking about trying that. How long he been on it

  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    Since January @frankcap82 ☺️

  • 149w ago frankcap82 frankcap82

    How often does he heat? Do you do all your meals like that? I think I am going to try it out

  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    Every day @frankcap82 and yes but variety. Please if your going to try it don't just "try" it, it's very complicated and you need to do a lot of research and go into it very slowly. If done improperly you can do much more harm than good.

  • 149w ago kamorooni06 kamorooni06

    Looks so good

  • 149w ago cggrlsteph cggrlsteph


  • 149w ago boxers.meekoandmowgli boxers.meekoandmowgli

    @onyx_reena_boxers I have a few questions if you don't mind.. How many times a day do you feed your boxers in a day, twice? Same amount of food each time like you posted and you purchase your food from the grocery store and I'm wondering how much does it costs to feed your dog theses meals monthly per dog ( I'm in Canada too) Hope you don't mind the thousand questions.. Lol 😂 But if I don't ask I won't know anything about a raw diet and you seem like the perfect person to ask:) if I have asked you too many questions than that's ok i won't mind if you don't answer👍😃

  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    No I don't mind @sumbrz_crazy4boxers and I only feed once a day, just under a pound of food for Reena and just over for Onyx. I actually get from suppliers not grocery stores. I pay about 100 a month for both dogs, usually less. So I have a supplier that sources from a butcher, then I also know a rabbit breeder. I also get some things from another supplier when I can get there😁 I do buy from grocery stores when there is good deals😜

  • 149w ago tiki_rita_and_moji_in_the_pnw tiki_rita_and_moji_in_the_pnw

    Hey how much heart do you feed at once? Moji LOOOOOVES it but I don't want to overload her.

  • 149w ago boxers.meekoandmowgli boxers.meekoandmowgli

    @onyx_reena_boxers Thank you for all the info.. Good to know :) 👍😃

  • 149w ago shannah617 shannah617

    Thanks for sharing @cggrlsteph 👍🏼

  • 149w ago boxers_titan_cleo boxers_titan_cleo


  • 149w ago onyx_reena_boxers onyx_reena_boxers

    @tiki_rita_and_moji_in_paradise not very much, heart and lung are both really high in something, I can't really remember. So I only feed a small bit of one or the other. 😊

  • 149w ago tiki_rita_and_moji_in_the_pnw tiki_rita_and_moji_in_the_pnw

    That's what I thought so I only give it as a treat 😄

  • 148w ago sansa_and_apolo sansa_and_apolo

    You are so spoiled 👏

  • 145w ago butchythesuperboxer butchythesuperboxer

    Cool info! Where would one go to find more info for research to feed like this? My babies would love it.

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