Justin Wilson

89w ago

Now that is great news!! @indycar back to Road America. Trim me out, I want to go fast. #IndyCar2RA

  • 89w ago garyjohnbrook13 garyjohnbrook13


  • 87w ago jack.martin18 jack.martin18

    Sad you can't race now - RIP

  • 86w ago nick_martin42 nick_martin42

    Every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time.... RIP

  • 86w ago inactivenif inactivenif

    @Sunoco.racing.league Sorry for tagging you. I'm sure the track in the sky is just as good as RA

  • 86w ago followerbot10484738 followerbot10484738

    RIP Justin Wilson, Sad to lose another, will never be forgotten, not only in history... But in our hearts

  • 60w ago liv_beth_ liv_beth_

    I wish he could be here for indy at road America RIP

  • 43w ago ryankentjr ryankentjr

    You would have loved it mate..

  • 33w ago smith.329 smith.329

    I'm crying rn because he really wanted to do this 😰😭😭😭

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