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#Repost @frankthecrank • BigUps & Salute to our brotha Frank on his victory @ #PXC49 - Putting it on for our people and the Marianas. Nothing but love & respect over here brotha Frank! 🙏🏼👊🏼 #RESPECT #BLESS 🇲🇵 #CRANK
It is OUR VICTORY!🙏🏼 I fought with the Marianas in that cage! For our people! The win at #PXC49 was for the MARIANAS!🌴☀️ No typhoon will ever knock our people down! We will always get back up and keep fighting!
This fight was dedicated to my Saipan brothers and sisters in need! We are gathering all the help right now to assist our sister island of Saipan! Through this fight, let's remember our culture is the epitome of hard work, resilience and perseverance! Let us all help each other uplift our spirits and tackle the task at hand together as One! "Divided we are weak... Together we are strong!" #BIBAMARIANAS

Thank you to all my family, friends and training partners! To @ifamiliaku_mass, @melchormanibusan and @cauliears! My girl @sarahfilush😊 and @carsplusguam @thefokaieffect for believing in me and helping me truly help our community! And the people of our islands! I love you all! Para i Onra yan i Gloria! #GodIsGreat

Photo by: John Balbin

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