Instagram post by @man.eating.womanizer 💕Rilynn Rae Is Bae💕

I can say that there is one who we all look up to and wish to follow. It is just a name nothing big, nothing big? Unless if you care about it a lot! #rilynnrae can make you fall in love in an instance you don't even have to stare at her you could just take a glimpse and say gorgeous! All in a matter of seconds #wcw #wce some say it's an obsession and yet some say it normal to like someone a little bit over the limit until it becomes a life or death situation. She is the North Star who guides us to be people who takes risks, to have fun in our lives; not to turn back. It's your all in or all out. She's also the stars at night and the big yellow sun during the day who seems to be having the time of her life #photooftheday @rilynnrae

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