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Lobby of #1888hotel || After a beautiful long sunshiney stroll around the city & through the botanical gardens.... wine at the Opera bar... long lunch with friends in Woolloomooloo Bay... of course I fell asleep & woke up at 11pm thinking it was morning, what to do now (besides take piccy snaps of my little globe)

This boutique hotel started life in 1888 as a woolstore & factory... check out the amazing elevator shaft & fixtures 😍 #sydneyhotel #interiordesign #interiorinspiration #globe #globes #worldglobe #wanderlust #globus #travelinspiration #explore #discover #boutiquehotel #industrialdesign


  • 197w ago maylutas maylutas

    Are you travelling outside NSW? Tasmania's worth a visit if you are 😀

  • 197w ago globemakers globemakers

    I wish @maylutas, I have been seeing how beautiful it is recently on @worldwanderlust's IG .. but only 2 weeks off work & it's a big country with so much to see & all my friends are down this a ways. Melbourne & Byron & a few small places on the way only this time!

  • 197w ago tyson_whelan tyson_whelan

    Are you coming to Melbourne? Might see you! Haha 😍

  • 197w ago globemakers globemakers

    Indeed @tyson_whelan what should be top of my list to see in your fine city?

  • 197w ago tyson_whelan tyson_whelan

    Tha back alleys in between the major streets have some of the most amazing cafés and restaurants. The best coffee in the world. Amazing street art. Then to Bourke st Shopping mall to see some incredibly talented buskers! Why not pop over to the Ian Potter national gallery in Federation square, some find pieces of artistry of Australian and international history. You will love it!

  • 197w ago globemakers globemakers

    Thank you @tyson_whelan the back alleys were on the list, national gallery shall now be added!

  • 197w ago globemakers globemakers

    Mmmm I'd kill for a banh mi about now @sj_wildberry can't wait to see more of the city... & eat my way through!! 🙌

  • 197w ago deborahmayell deborahmayell

    @globemakers I bet you will be taking some orders back with you, your little globe suits that hotel very nicely !

  • 197w ago big_mike_wazowski big_mike_wazowski

    I'm going to have to go Sydney now and check it out.

  • 197w ago emmanuelle_simon emmanuelle_simon


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