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Instagram post by @oliverjameswebb Oliver Webb

These things are incredible. Looking forward to using them properly. Thanks @recon #Recon #reconjet


  • 140w ago faisalbinladen faisalbinladen

    @jimotayek I think we need some of these

  • 140w ago flatfour_84 flatfour_84

    Wow!!!! What are they, yes sunglasses haha but radio, smart glasses

  • 139w ago jcartu jcartu

    Just got mine two weeks back. I have some dev plans for it should they open an SDK.

  • 139w ago oliverjameswebb oliverjameswebb

    @jcartu cool man. We can discuss once we've tried them thoroughly. Just done a triathlon this morning in them. I want them working in a visor of a helmet with ghost driving lines for driver tuition, that would be cool

  • 3w ago yuhisern7 yuhisern7

    Dude is it worth it? Battery good? Basically buy or don't buy?

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