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Throwback on Easter Sunday! Some awesome & strong, faithful & extremely jolly men & women of God I get to be surrounded by! Love them πŸ’˜ #HOLYHILLOFZION #OUTREACHTEAM


  • 181w ago charyti.gysen charyti.gysen

    Love you! Can't wait for next week πŸ˜„

  • 181w ago caylapelen caylapelen

    @charyti_gysen I love you! Can't wait too! Are we gonna practice one more time before we go?

  • 181w ago charyti.gysen charyti.gysen

    Yes, Sunday! :) u guys coming tonight? I hope you guys can get off lol

  • 181w ago 19chelsey22 19chelsey22

    Miss my outreach family!!!:).....

  • 181w ago jpelen7 jpelen7

    Great team for Jesus. :)


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