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My ❤️ could not be happier, just two days ago I held #StellaXo in my rest room, massaging her whole body, using the blow dryer to get her body temperature up, and she was fading away. Gave her sugar water, pleaded, begged and kept talking to her... She said so much with her eyes, and I am so thankful she is alive!
update per @zoeysplacerescue
Hi everyone ! It's me, Stella !
You probably don't recognise me because I looked so bad but I am feeling much better now !
It was awful and scary for a while foster mom said she didn't know if I was going to live but thanks to the good doctors at VCA and all of you amazing people rooting for me, I am home !
The docs are calling me a big mystery because nothing showed up on any of the tests they did on my except may they think I ate something bad....I don't remember anything ....
So before I fall asleep in my very warm and cosy bed, I wanted to say thank you for your prayers and support made a difference feeling so loved !
Next stop....getting stronger !
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  • 174w ago fakeninerz fakeninerz

    Awesome news!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • 174w ago etempesta etempesta

    Such great news!

  • 174w ago kaseykfan kaseykfan

    Yay!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 174w ago milavirgo81 milavirgo81

    I'm so happy! She looks beautiful n healthy 🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • 174w ago autumnborn69 autumnborn69

    Big hugs and head boops to all!! Such great news!!

  • 174w ago nixifer nixifer

    😭 omg crying. So glad someone took a chance on the little frozen wretch in the street. She's so adorable now that she's clean, warm and feeling better 💗

  • 174w ago s.harrison1 s.harrison1

    Glad to hear some good news

  • 174w ago uhmilliee uhmilliee

    @krissyazzie yay❤️

  • 174w ago happylady247 happylady247

    Best news ever! I have tears of joy for Stella right now! I have kept her in my daily prayers & will continue to do so!!! 🐾 👏🏻🐾💝🐾🙏🏻🐾😇🐾😘🐾💖🐾🐈🐾

  • 174w ago mlazerus mlazerus


  • 174w ago happylady247 happylady247

    Thank you Lex for saving Stella !! 🐾👏🏻🐾💝🐾🐈🐾. You did such a wonderful thing for Stella! 🐾👏🏻🐾😻🐾

  • 174w ago breakingcatnip breakingcatnip

    OMG!I'm so happy that she's gotten much better 😭💕🐱 What a strong girl,just like my Luna.

  • 174w ago patchabot patchabot

    She looks so good..

  • 174w ago frances_44 frances_44

    She looks great thanks lex once again you saved another beautiful soul so thank you @lex_lisbon 😘❤👏👍#blackcatsrock #StellaXo

  • 174w ago meg_delano meg_delano

    Great news. I'm so happy for you, sweet Stella. Good job, Foster mom. @lex_lisbon GREAT job.

  • 174w ago bd_miller bd_miller

    She looks amazing. Glad for a happy update. ❤️

  • 174w ago spicy75ebay spicy75ebay

    This is amazing!! Thank you for saving her and not giving up on her.💕💕

  • 174w ago benjamingalster benjamingalster

    Positive thoughts. ..always, thank you

  • 173w ago akasha_starr akasha_starr

    Beautiful end to what could've been a very tragic story!! Once again much appreciation love and gratefulness to you @lex_lisbon we won involved in keeping her alive❤️🐾

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