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  Surf , draw and rock and roll

1.gnarly Santa Cruz grommet 2.Ford 3. Metal Jimmy 4.Zeldo 5.coca cola coleman 6.Sally K 7.Daniella ,Ash,Shayda, Clarita and Erica 8.Jack Coleman 9 . Landos 10.D Boner .Thanks for having me Richie and Ash ✌️✌✌thanks Newport for turning on an amazing weekend ,waves ,warm water ,friends ,crash up derby, roller coasters I feel like I was here all summer.

Beach Blanket burnout!!! Life imitates art #methodacting

Nearly sank in the yank tank from the toxic slime water but I did really enjoy the wave and I loved the Texans and their town.

Texas surfen safari roadscapes

Happy birthday to the coolest gal in the galaxy as I know it! Twelve years loving you is nowhere near enough

Snakes on a plane

All my roommates get taken for a ride.thanks for the frame grab @jackcolemanpluto

Thanks to the people of the island of the gods for welcoming us and sharing your magnificent waves and food and hospitality, and not cutting off our heads and eating our brains and throwing darts at our eyeballs and making piles of our skulls and slaves of our wives.thanks for the shot @lawrence_photo Uluwatu challenge ,fun day the locals were ripping heavily.

Rest in peace Wayne, all my love to the beautiful family you created and thanks for all the inspiration on how to keep it real and be a good dad and husband, and get tubed and carve with style and power , I've always loved this photo ever since I was grom.

Some people waste all their time having the best time ever with their friends at Rock n roll festivals ,other people sit at home and make interdimensional gateways

It was so fun painting @the_royal_saloon yesterday ,follow team eye of the hurricane on their quest to rally drive into the desert whilst raising money for some noble charities💀🐍🔥

Having a great time drawing it feels so good after a break Congrats to @vaughandeadly ten years at surfing world , thanks @therealdustindollin for my hoody

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