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Happy birthday Barney!!!! This is from an old movie I made from our family trip to the USA we spent a month in Santa Cruz and Barney was working on his leg mould social movie I poached some of his clip cos they were amazing, my son was into scary things so Barney started trying to do scary paintings and he did some really great ones.

Star jumping for joy division of class method acting the goat of hell hath no fury like a women's weekly.

I'm just rereading my grandmother Ann Gash's book "a star to steer her by" ,she spent three years travelling the world solo at age 52 and went all the way around it .Her main motivation was to attend a flute playing school in Switzerland where she made and played tunes on bamboo pipes.She loved being out in those wild oceans all alone on her tiny 25 foot long wooden folk boat using only a sextant and the stars and sun and compass to navigate her way all around the globe.She wasn't trying to break a record and didn't have any sponsorship and only a tiny budget. She did meet a lot of great folk along the way and receive some great favours from fellow sailors. But she also had her few valuables including her sextant stolen from her boat at one point.To say she had grit would be a wild understatement. I'm beyond proud of this brave woman. Her longest stint without seeing land was 56 days, that was after leaving the Panama Canal and heading into the marquesas islands in the Pacific Ocean , all the while with damaged rigging up the top of her mast and no means to repair it.I was actually born while she was on this journey and upon her return to Sydney harbour she picked up My Mum and My Dad and me and sailed us up to Pittwater. Tragically her beloved Folkboat named "ilimo " struck a rock rounding Barrenjoey head and she sunk! After a three year journey around the whole world she sunk in the harbour she had left from. Tomorrow my son Rocky is doing a talk about her In front of his class, good luck Rocky !

@myleegrace pregnant with Rocky at the end of loftus street next to the sign I graffitied

Psycho Scorpion stopping traffic

Sticker on my bike

Party wave on my @vampiratesurfboards by Gnech hit him up for a new stick ,this one has a double bat tail ?? Photo by @chroniclesofchristie, thanks to @volcom too for the new wetty.

"Psycho Scorpion gets high on his own creation". Film still from the new @goonsofdoom_ video for our first single "twenty four bottles of beer", coming soon πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Out of the rave cave and into the wave.frame grab by @jackcolemanpluto @volcomsurf @volcom @sanuk @gorilla_surf @electric , rave cave by @scotut

Spectacular wedding extravaganza bonanza ,couldn't be happier for these two lovers thanks for the best weekend ever @vaughandeadly and @alleykat_

My son Rocky River %100 skateboard reader.

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