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Rupert Brink  I live & work in Raleigh, NC, USA. Very passionate about animal rights. -Vegversary: 05/01/2006- Graduate School of Food Science NCSU 2017

So sad 😭 ... when a big game hunter gets killed an a #vegan rejoices, people get so salty and start throwing around the ol' "why do vegans hate people so much" and "humans are animals too", please. These people enjoy killing animals because they are large, exotic, and the hunters have blood lust. I don't hate people, I loathe violence and I hate people who deprive other creatures of life (humans included) for no reason.

I must admit I've almost been eagerly awaiting my one hour morning drive to Mt. Olive this morning to listen to the next Serial, I started the series last week, good stuff!

@cacasoria made #vegan cornmeal waffles from the #thugkitchen cookbook this morning with #sodelicious whip... really damn good.

Mm!!! Potjiekos! Pronounced "poy-key coss"

Absolutely gorgeous looking loaf of bread cooked over the fire in a cast iron skillet along with our #potjiekos for the evening. Good job once again @cacasoria 😊😘

I'm easily going to do over 1,000 titrations this summer... 😩

Good morning! Cucumber sand which?

Had my first day at Mount Olive today, I have a 1 Hour drive there and back. And this is all it is. Time to learn Spanish I think. (And yes being out here just kind of makes you want to listen to old timey country)

@cacasoria loves waffles so I made her some for breakfast. Psst... pancakes still better #pancakesnotwaffles

Cat heaven...

@instabrinkos was a warhammer enthusiast too once upon a time, but come on... who doesn't hand drill out the barrels. Amateur...

Ohhh yeah haha

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