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Özgün Baştaş  You're wrong if you think that joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships.It's in everything, in anything we can experience.

Çerçeveletip duvara asmalık (hemen yapıyorum), 20 sene öncesine ait anılarımız da var, birbirimize anlatacak uzun hikayelerimiz de. Bir diğer yanımdaki de bir diğer dünya tatlısı Ayşe. Sevgiler herkese!

I do my fishing in the rain. #turkeyinmyfilm

The view I get happy to see for 12 years. #turkeyinmyfilm

Rakı: Best way to get drunk.
Meyhane: Best place to get drunk.
Dost: Best people to get drunk with.
Three-letter-world, and we all know how good it feels.

First time i came here, i was with @joshua.jeremiah and @prie_d . We all absolutely loved the place. After several months i've started working just one block away from here and me, a definite tea person changed into a coffee person. Couldn't resist. And long after that my dear @bannarot came and painted this cafe so that i can never forget the times that we have spent together. Can't wait to take you and others here again my loves. #analoguemirrorselfie

Canın sıkılır, gözünü kapatır, gidersin. #meyhanedeyizbiz #turkeyinmyfilm

Nature owns us, now and forever.

I've been to so many amazing places and met amazing people. I think I've done that for a long time. Long enough to see the not amazing sides of all those places and people. And I liked that. Cause, things or places or people, everything ends up to be imperfect. Imperfection is here to stay.

Missed to sit in front of this door, watching some silly drivers trying to park.
#analoguemirrorselfie #sfinmyfilm

Smile as if you were a child!


I've taken so many pictures with this film camera, we had seen so many beautiful faces together, beautiful places. Thank you film photography for giving me the chance of remembering every important memory of mine anytime I look at the pictures that i've captured. Sunsets are jogged in my memory.

To me, San Francisco is a beautiful İstanbul. I often get confused if the next station is 16th Mission or Eminonu. Similarities make me miss SF more but also keep all the memories alive. Years have passed and they still are alive. #sfinmyfilm

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