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Ricky Oyola 

I just learned what a 360 shuvit (slash) impossible to whatever was. Manny Santiago did a proper impossible lipslide. SLS bringing the knowledge. I guess the episode loses steam when PRod, Nyjah, Cole and O'Neil are bounced. Why dont they just have a best trick contest on 6 different obstacles. Oh shit, Manny just hit 9 club status with his heelflip varial 50/50.

Fuck you!

Happy Birthday to the most inspirational skateboarder in street skateboarding history. In essence Philly style spawned more from the skating of Natas but I personally tried to emulate the Gonz's skating. A good friend @mikemanzoori knew of my fondness and sent me this board when he was on ATM click. He even sent the screen to this graphic that I will never let go of. Happy Birthday Mr. Gonz and thank you Mr. Magoo for this treasure.

Congrats to these 2 amazing people!! Moving on to bigger and better things. @shaina_ibarrondo @ibarrondo24_

Stumbled upon some pics that @rodent516 shot for fun in 2005. In the streets on my now lost original Shut Shark. Front and McKean, South Philly

Fly Eagles Fly.....Sergie and Sienna with the Oyola's

Eagles party at casa de Ibarrondo!! FLY EAGLES FLY.

Dug up a photo for @mikemanzoori about seeing the queen in 96 i came across this photo of @ronlittles in Amsterdam during a shroom out. I always like how it seemed like we both took a break from the moment to have a moment. The travels from skateboarding are priceless.

E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!!! Have a QB on the field and in the crowd.

Maybe its best that i miss ridiculousness like this. Did sabermatrics give Sean the ability to do quite possibly the best fs crooks ever? Who are the judges for this ridiculousness? Remember when Ethan won that contest? Or Chris Senn? Please let me in the meeting when the swooshes brash tells the skaters that their footage only rates a 6 and is only worthy of web material. Shane i didnt like your hands in this clip so we think it is not good enough. Go ahead and cash that 100,000 check though. Youll do what we say, now be gone.

DJ is a miniature superhero!!! Give credit to Borg for withstanding the inevitable. Rarely do you laugh during a fight due to someone's superior ability. Demetrius Johnson is unbelievable.

Taco el pastor with guac from La Esperanza. Double shot margaritas and Pacifico's. Birthday dinner w/ Shannon.

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