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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain  a girl who fell in love with a little dumbass with curly hair, irresistible eyes and adorable freckles😍 alex❤️x1

question of the day - what is your favourite disney film?

whenever it rains i just can't find myself leaving my house🤦🏽‍♀️

happy birthday joel campbell

am i a bad friend if i make up an excuse to not attend a friends birthday?😩

i just want to take a moment to wish Alex's younger brother Christian a happy 19th birthday, I hope you have an amazing day and good luck next season🙌🏽❤️

nothing makes me better than seeing this man happy😭❤️he means so much to me i can't even express them into words. he is my idol and i am so grateful for one. but seeing him laugh and smile and just being a down to earth human brings the biggest smile on my face and the most joy in my heart. he deserves the world and all the happiness anyone is going to give him. i feel like i've watched him grow from a young boy to a man, it's crazy to think he signed for arsenal when he was just 17 and now he's turning 24 in about 2 months.. time really does fly when you're having fun i guess. i can't even explain about the amount of love i have for this man because it is honestly indescribable, but he is the most selfless, respectful, passionate, considerate, talented, brilliant man who has accomplished his dreams and many more. i'm just so grateful to know such man and for him to enter my life and someone to show you dreams do come true, and to never give up! you're literally a legend in the making, i'm so happy to have been a person who has supported you from the very start😭😩❤️ tag @alexoxchamberlain below please❤️

never have i ever wanted to be a water bottle so bad😩

can preseason start already😩😭

this heat is so nasty, got me feeling all sticky and that😷

i really hope i can get some sleep tonight😭

weather is a joke😩

what shirt is everyone getting next season and with what name on the back?

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