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"It’s still common to read that Laos has tigers and leopards, particularly in huge, government-protected areas such as Nam Et-Phou Louey in the north. But the shocking truth is that they have already been poached to local extinction"
In search of the clouded leopard 🔍 QUAD speaks to DPhil student Akchousanh Rasphone about searching for a much-threatened leopard and balancing optimism with reality in conservation: http://po.st/3DqVnf

"I am from Glasgow, Scotland, and was raised by a single mother who has no higher education and works as a cleaner. I never expected to get to Oxford interview stage — let alone get in, but here I am one year later, hopefully encouraging others like me to do the same. My Oxford journey started with applying to UNIQ summer school on a whim, but I am so grateful that I did."
Rachel is now studying @chemoutreachoxf at @lmhoxford after getting a place on @oxforduniq.
Read her full story at http://www.medium.com/oxford-university. Good luck to everyone expecting a decision on Monday! ☘️

In Afghanistan, young women making music in public is a bold political act. To been seen, to be heard — particularly through musical expression — is radical for women living in Afghanistan today. Yet there is a group of young women defying all the odds to assert their right to make music — they form Ensemble Zohra, the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan 🎵
Read more about the orchestra's future performance Sheldonian Theatre on 17 March on #ArtsBlog at http://www.ox.ac.uk

Oxford students and Seychellois volunteers team up for an epic #beachclean mission 🌊 The students will spend five weeks taking part in the @aldabra_cleanup – a collaboration between Oxford and the Seychelles Islands Foundation.

The five-strong team supported by @queenscollegeoxford and spanning @oxfordplants, @oxfordzoology and Materials Science will be united with seven Seychellois volunteers to achieve an ambitious goal – the cleaning up of Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean, which is badly affected by plastic pollution.

Read more about the project on www.ox.ac.uk 📸 Photonatura/@sif_seychelles

Babel: Adventures in Translation 📜 A new Bodleian exhibition is exploring the power of translation, from the ancient myth of the Tower of Babel to the challenges of modern-day multicultural Britain in light of Brexit.
Visit www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/news to find out more.

“All the services, opportunities and support given by the programme have made a significant impact on my experience at Oxford.”
From 2020 we are expanding our most generous bursary package to support more UK undergraduates than ever. Read more at www.ox.ac.uk/2020ugsupport 📸 Oscar Leung

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A fundraising effort has secured the future of Chair in Celtic Studies at Oxford ☘️ The Jesus Chair of Celtic, a professorship in Celtic Studies at the University of Oxford, has been fully and permanently endowed, securing the future of the subject area.
Visit http://www.ox.ac.uk to read more 📸 Rob Judges Photography

The Bodleian Library alone holds more than 12 million books - so how are you meant to find your perfect match? Take the Oxford University Press quiz to find out and let us know who your literary valentine is below! 💌 #ValentinesDay
Copy and paste the link to take the quiz: https://blog.oup.com/2017/02/literary-valentine-quiz/

This is the location of the first ever LIVE STREAM of an Oxford University Maths student lecture. James Sparks will be talking 'Dynamics' with 1st year students on Thursday 14 February.
Head to http://www.facebook.com/OxfordMathematics tomorrow at 10am to watch live!

Meet some of the Oxford #WomenInScience! 🔬How are our scientists inspiring the next generation? From badger behaviour to aerospace experts, @oxfordsparks have explored how our researchers are leaving no science stone unturned…Visit www.medium.com/@Oxford_University to read more! #IDWGS#IDWGS2019

Unsung Heroes of Science 🔬 Which scientists has history forgotten? Whose story has been left out of the textbooks? Whose work gets overlooked? Hertford College want to hear from you! Submit a video celebrating a scientist by April 26 for the chance to win some pretty colossal prizes! The competition is open to anyone living in the UK between the ages of 16-18. Visit www.hertford.ox.ac.uk/unsungscience to find out more!

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